Here folks. Look at me, I'm being a knitting blogger. ain't I being hip ahem anyway...

There's not much to say about this sweater. It's a derivation of Alice Starmore's "Henry VIII" sweater from Tudor Roses. I basically knit it to the pattern, changing the sleeves to be a bit longer because I apparently come from a different racial stock than A.S., and we my friends have longer arms. I made a mistake with regards to the bottom horizontal pattern band, but I think it looks ok all things considered. Her version of course has bunches of colors, and is quite impressive. Mine doesn't. The yarn is Knit-Picks Gloss, a silk and wool, fingering weight, sock yarn, which is delightful but doesn't come in many colors. Also, I think the contrast is works pretty well for me, so I'm not arguing.

I make the joke that this garment, isn't so much a cheep knock off, as it is a representation of the way fashion trickles down from the nobility to the peasants. This is a stop along the way, of course, and why I sometimes call the sweater Sir or Mr. Henry.

Here's the sweater laid out on a chair:

Here's a detail on the chair. Ok crapy shot, I'm really not one of those photographing knit bloggers you know. I do better--marginally at least--with words. Never the less, for your edification:

And finally a close up of the neck, because I took the picture, and I think it's probably worth showing off.

While I like the neck of this sweater, this has proven to me that I really don't do well with crew necks. They're hard to wear and I always feel like I'm over dressed with crewneck sweaters. If I had to do this again, I'd open the neck somehow. Maybe that could be part of version 3 (because I do want to knit the sweater over again). Also, I think if I were going to knit it again, I'd put underarm gussets in the sweater, because I feel like it's a bit tight there sometimes.

Stay tuned, more reports when I arrive and get settled in. There'll be more knit camp blogging here.

See you on the flipside.