I meant to add some bumpers to Tuesday's *Station Keeping* installment, but I seem to have failed with that project. Here are the bumpers that I'm adding, for your enjoyment.

I've been killer busy, and I think I've probably driven a good bit more than 1000 miles in less than a week. It'll probably be more than 1500 in a bit more than a week. Crazyness. On the upside, I've managed to get unstuck enough to really concentrate and get things done, writing wise. This is very good, as I tend to value my sanity. But anyway...

Before the story.

Welcome to Station Keeping this is the second installment in our first "season" of this project. It's fiction, collaboratively written and planned: set in the distant future, station keeping tells the story of the residents and visitors to a space station called "Hanm Centre" far away from the populated core worlds. As you will read, this episode introduces a number of important characters in this story, on the eve of their arrival on the station. I hope you enjoy, and if you are interested in contributing to this project we are interested in hearing from you. Your feedback is always welcome and is most appreciated.

And after the story.

"First Arrival" was written by, tycho, the creator of TealArt and [Station Keeping](http://tychoish.com/hanm"). He is a student and knitter by day and a science fiction writer by night.

I think I need a better bio tag.