So, I should have explained the title of the last entry: the new (and green) thin is the sweater that I wore today, the old thing was the stack of articles that I wrote, what is in my estimation an entirely predictable paper with. Moving on...

After a day of wearing this sweater (and in fairness it wasn't quite cool enough, particularly at midday, but it was close) I've realized that I want to work on trying to make V-necks work again. It's a shape that works good on me, and I'm feeling particularly neck sensitive, but I think that sweater needs a little bit of time to wear in and soften up. Because it's that itchy, mostly, It just doesn't have the worn in feeling that's so nice.

Amongst my travels yesterday and today, I've been giving some thought to my novel project that I've started and taken a short break from to spend some time on other projects. I really only wrote a preliminary 400 words just to see how it felt, so maybe I'm still letting the ideas stew, and my little start was more of a dry run.

The last project I kept pretty much under wraps the whole time because of the nature of the story (I'm sticking to that explanation at any rate.) and because I was more worried that the conceptual issues were too connected to the plot. This time I think I can talk about the conceptual ideas without giving away the plot. It's still connected, there's just more of it (it being a longer piece) so I can talk about isolated moments without giving it all away. So I'm going to be blogging about this in the future, I think.

Anyway, this entry has been lingering for more than a day now, so I'm going to let it go, but be well and be warm. It's finally cold season. Yippie!