I finished the last lingering project from this summer on the Friday. I had started a number of sweaters in June so that I could have the right projects on the needles for camp. See, for camp they want you to be working on something small that you can try out all of the nifty things that they're showing you. I, however, think making smaller sweaters is kinda dumb, because I am ornery like that.

So rather than have a baby sweater for camp, I decided to have, 3 me-sized sweaters in progress.

Usually, the pace of a sweater sort of balances things out, and if you work on them successively rather than concurrently, it's hard to get bored. So making them all at the same time, was clearly a mistake that I won't be repeating. It took me to thanksgiving to get all three sweaters from may and June finished up.

The good news, the green cardigan (my first venture with EZ's seamless saddle shoulder shaping) seems to be an instant hit. I'm not sure it's the best looking sweater I've made, or that it fits my father particularly well, but he seems to like it a bunch, and that's what counts. It still needs to be blocked. And I have a couple of socks worth of yarn to cope with.

Also--and this is where the title of the post comes in--but I finished another pair of socks that rock socks (medium weight) that I've been dragging my feet on for a while. I think I started these in may as well alas. I'm working on a little black cap, as I am with out hats at the moment, and feeling like making a few hats, and I have little odds and ends of yarn that I need to knit up before I can more comfortably get more yarn.

Also, good news, my last real remaining spinning wheel has, I think found a buyer. Which means we'll see how this goes, but, I think I might be able to buy the new wheel soon. I have a hank of yarn that is drying in the upstairs shower now (great place for setting twist!), and it's quite nice. Quite nice. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, so we'll see.

Also--third post-script paragraph, a new record perhaps?--I'm slowly getting the wheels started on selling a couple of my patterns and what not. I need to do some tweaking to the TealArt design, not to mention some more writing, before this is a reality, but it's coming.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope your long weekend has been long enough!

Onward and Upward!