I haven't written one of these journal posts in a long time and I think it's long overdue.

On the whole I think things in the land of tycho have been really good of late. I'm writing, I'm learning and settling into a new computer and text editor, I'm working (perhaps not enough, but nonetheless), I'm working on an exciting academic project, life is good.

But having said that it's been one hell of a week(end).

My grandmother, who has been a mostly faithful reader of this site for many years except recently when her recovery from knee-replacements has kept her away from her computer, recently came down with a rather nasty gut bug. So my father and I rushed across the state and spent a rather long time fighting with various medical red tape to get her admitted to the hospital and then to begin shepherd her through various thises and thats. The end result: she's healing quite well, and doing pretty well.

For a while there she was the only patient conscious in the ICU but a few others have started to wake up. But at the moment of this writing I'm pretty sure she's the only patient doing a crossword puzzle in the ICU. Truth be told, we're mostly just waiting for a single room to open up on another floor (because of the gut bug, they have to keep her in semi-isolation, and I've spent a lot of time wearing gowns to keep everyone else safe).

So this has been an adventure. And it's not over yet. But at least I have a good laptop and the wireless at the hospital is top notch. Oddly I haven't been able to connect to IRC (I think the hospital is blocking 6667). Wierd.

The one thing that is the most striking is that I've been, since Saturday really tired. Yesterday I took a nap in the afternoon with my boots on and still slept a full night. I'm making a point of writiting at the hospital while I'm just hanging out rather than waiting till I go home at the end of the day. Lets hope this helps.

Onward and Upward!