Hi Everyone, I hope you're all enjoying the productivity series we have going, and I also hope this post finds you having an effective and happy Monday morning.

I realize that there hasn't been a lot of interesting or inspiring content on TealArt recently. I think I've done better this academic year than I have in previous years, but in general it still sucks. On the upside some awesome people have commented, so rock on you all. But fear not, I am still very interested in continuing and improving TealArt. Also, I love getting emails that say that real people have commented on the blog.

I think the column/series formate idea has been quite successful, and while I think the productivity series is winding down (maybe 2 or 3 more episodes?), I am working on coming up with something interesting for a new series, if you have anything interesting by all means, please drop me an email and offer a suggestion.

The other thing that I wanted to promote, is my twitter. Twitter is this nifty little thing that lets you post, very quickly, short "status updates," or other little snippets that you find funny or interesting. I've started to use twitter as a kind of running log of what I'm doing, thinking, or finding funny at any given point. It's nifty, and if you're finding yourself with a lack of tychoish content check it out.

But this was supposed to be a little bit of a knitting entry, as I haven't done that kind of writing here, at all in the recent past. I suppose this is something that I'm going to get more into. I'm working on (yet another) knitting project for school, and while this one takes a different form than some of the previous fiber-related credit that I've done in the past, it does mean that my knitting work takes on a different tone and energy. This isn't bad, but it does mean that I've been knitting differently for the past six weeks. Having said that I finished a sweater that I think is pretty nifty, but the yarn is totally not right for the job. I'll post a more in depth reflection in a bit I swear.

In the mean time I'm working on a sweater in shetland jumper-weight--my first with this yarn--and this is clearly magic wool. Its also my first sweater with a turned hem, and I think it's nifty, although I see now that I might need to add a shock cord, but we'll wait to pass judgment on that matter until latter when a more data is available.

Anywho, having successfully gotten the writerly juices flowing, I'm on to write an actual meaningful paper. Woot.

Cheers, tycho(ish)