Typically, I'm writing my new years post on January 3rd, knowing full well that I won't get a chance to publish it until the 4th. This probably explains how my 2010 closed and how my 2011 is shaping out.

I've been writing emails today and over the weekend to family and friends, making plans for various events and weekends over the next six months. There are only so many weekends, and there is so much to do. My preliminary outline for May/June is--I think this is par for the course when one is a Morris dancer--exhausting, and I have five or six months to prepare. The rest of spring is similarly exciting.

The last year was, on the whole, a good year: I have started new relationships and enriched existing ones in was that I am quite pleased with, I had a move that's been good for me in a number of ways, I've been able to travel regionally a great deal, and I've learned a lot in my travels. It wasn't all positive: I definitely didn't finish the writing projects I wanted to, I didn't knit or read as much as I would have liked to, and I have a number of personal projects that I'm throwing a lot of energy into that I hope to resolve in the next few months. But all of the low points can be directly correlated to the high points: success requires sacrifice, and on balance it's been a successful year.

I hope that in the new year, we all are able to have great successes, without needing to make untenable sacrifices. I think the core of all new years resolutions is a wish to make our lives a little bit better than they were previously, hopefully in small manageable ways. So I'm going to keep working on making my world (and self) a better place to be me.

I hope, if you too are embarking on any kind of project like this, that you will succeed, and I look forward to sharing parts of my journey with you in this blog.


(real content will resume shortly, I promise!)