It strikes me that there must exist a piece of software that does the following task:

  1. Allow you to maintain a directory structure of plain text files with some sort of mark up of your choosing (ASCII, markdown, textile, html, etc.). for the purposes of example, lets say that these files are in the format of /FileName.txt
  2. When you go to /FileName.php (or whatever) the program:
    • adds the content of a designated header.php and footer.php file to the begining and end of the file.
    • runs the file through some sort of text filter

That's it. Maybe you'd want to figure out how to get an auto-generated page list, but that's not necessary. Now I figure to make the whole thing work that the .txt files would need to be in a different directory than the directory that "users would be accessing"

Does this sound too much like blosxom? It strikes me that blosxom is sort of being pulled apart by too forces: the desire to hack it to death so that it does a bit more than what its designed for would otherwise suggest.

Another cool idea, would be, if the database of files, such as it is, is drawn from a subversion repository, though I'd certainly be happy with straight up FTP file system stuff.

There'd be no need for an interface outside of a config file, and no real security, outside of .htaccess (and I would expect that there'd be no small measure of .htaccess wizardry.)

Thoughts? pointers? cheers