In a lot of ways, I've already written this entry here, but I feel like it's still worthwhile for me to write something more definite here.

As you know, from posts like this I've been, well, agnsty about moving forward with TealArt, as the demands on my time changes, and my interests and energies shift. I've thought about inviting other editors/contributors as a way of keeping the site alive as I take a step back. Alas, I think that this isn't the kind of approach that's called for. So starting this week there won't be TealArt posts on a regular four to five times a week schedule.

This doesn't mean that TealArt is over. Far from it. Simply, rather than be a publication in it's own right, TealArt will become more of a clearing house--and umbrella organization for a number of really cool projects. ~/tychoish is one of those projects, as is Station Keeping, and the blog that chris is going to be starting in the next few days will be part of the TealArt project.

By going to you'll be able to stay up to date with all these projects, and though I can't promise that it'll be terribly interesting on a daily basis, will be (more or less) the same TealArt that you've come to know and love lo these six or so years.

I look forward to seeing you in cyberspace, and I do hope that we'll still be on your radar when Station Keeping starts again, for season 2 in a few weeks.

As always, stay tuned (particularly to the home page and to tychoish) and be well.

I'll see you around.

Cheers, tycho