My project for the week (and saying it in this way legitimizes a week where I read fiction for fiction's sake, and knitted for knitting's sake) was re-reading Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game books, which I really enjoyed. It was hard having read the book before (and even the books that follow it in Card's sequence), it was like watching old friends walk into a trap. Particularly, in this case, because the trap was traumatic for the characters.

As an aside here, I'd like to state that the vernacular would have used the term "psychological," which is in my mind inaccurate and inpercise at best. Everything is psychological, particularly material reality. But no one asked me.

I didn't record the pod-cast today. Perhaps late tonight, because of the intense reading, my sleep schedule of the past two nights has become particularly skewed. So it goes.

During my reading, I made note of a few things that really got me interested. I was reading on an old Pocket PC that could make voice recordings, so I made use of the feature and recorded two notes. The first was a note about story telling, and I had a sudden realization about how to play a development in my own project.

The second point, made a note about an academic interest. There's a part about two-thirds of the way through the book where a character is reflecting on the implications of a fabricated identity. And there it was. The creation of identities (on a personal and community level) is a recurring interest, and there was a passage which really brought together a lot of really good points. So that was good.

Anyway, I'm not feeling particularly articulate right now. Perhaps in a bit.

Be Well, Sam