I just finished spinning the Corriedale Cross (basic plain wool) that I've been spinning for months. I had 2 pounds (900 grams) which is my standard amount, and I have 9 skeins. I think I was less that pleased with two of them, but they're fine, and all the other ones are great.

I started spinning some dark brown blue faced leicester (this stuff, in fact).

Wow, in a word.

It spins like butter. Only better, because it's an interesting color the picture doesn't quite capture it (and it's reasonably priced to boot!)

I'm going for a lighter and loftier aran weight (as opposed to a more tightly spun Guernsey-style yarn.) Very pleased.

In other news, as of Monday, after a week of scaling back on the caffeine in an attempt to de/resensitize my body to the stuff, I'm going back full bore, because I can't live on 16oz of tea a day. I might not get a headache but I'm too scattered and I drag too much midday without more. Hopefully I'll be able to scale up in a healthful/productive manner.