Hello Everyone.

I'm selling a couple of spinning wheels, in the hopes of consolidating my flock. These are good, wheels,that would be great for beginners or old hands alike. If you have any questions, please email me at tycho@tealart.com. I'm in the St. Louis area, so if you're nearby, and we can do a direct hand-off, that would be preferable, otherwise the buyer should expect to pay shipping costs, and all wheels are sold as is. If you want more than one of these wheels, some sort of "package" deal could be arranged.

The wheels are (all made by ashford):

  1. Traditional Spinning Wheel: This is the same traditional wheel that Ashford has made for a great number of years. It's it good shape, and is stained a medium tone. This is one of the older models, but it looks and operates the same as the newer ones. It is a single treadle wheel. Scotch Tension; Three bobbin Lazy Kate; Two ratios; and at least four bobbins. Caveat: The wheel is a little warped, it looks like this is the kind of thing that a half-wit with any knowledge of woodworking and circles should be able to straighten out, but it runs fine as is. Asking Price: $200 (new traditional's retail base price is $370 )
  2. Country Spinner: This is a to spec, country spinner production wheel. 1.5 kg bobbin, double treadle. The wheel has only marginal use, although, in the interests of full disclosure, there is a very slight lilt/warp to the wheel, that I can only notice if I look at the wheel from a certain angle. The wheel is unfinished. This is a great wheel for plying and spinning chunky yarns, as the orifice is almost an inch wide Asking Price: $350 (Country Spinners retail for $475.)
  1. Joy Portable: This is a single treadle, joy folding wheel. It's completely to spec. It's used, but in great shape. Slightly older, and though this isn't completely empirical I think the newer Joy's use a thinner wood, so it's always really sturdy, by comparison, but this isn't something I've verified.) It's used, and thus not "mint," but it's in great shape, and it works like a charm. This wheel also comes with a new (nearly mint) ashford, padded/coudra-nylon traveling bag. Asking Price: $400 (A New Joy's base retail is $500 + $100 bag)

If you have any questions or would like me to take pictures, I will do my best to capture them properly. If you're in St. Louis, we can arrange a time for you to come and visit them, again tycho@tealart.com

best, tycho