I have to say that this has been a rather light semester for me in terms of knitting. I finished one sweater, am working on the second sleeve of another sweater, and have a good start on another plain sweater. I think I also finished a pair of socks somewhere in there. That's it.

The first sweater is the sweater that I wrote up as a design for the project that I've been working on all semester. . I knit this in sport weight henry's attic alpaca prime, which is really fingering weight. The design is one that I'm selling, so you too will be able to make a version of this sweater soon. I might, even, post pictures of it sometime in the near future.

The second sweater is one that I will also write a design for soon when I finish it. I used 2-ply shetland "jumper" weight from Harrisville Designs, and it's quite a nice sweater. It's going to fit perfectly, and I'm actually a bit worried about how the neck is going to look. I'm frankly not sure what could be done to fix it, so I'm not going to worry and see how it looks when I wear it, if not I think some creative sewing and a zipper might help, actually. I'm quite find of the yarn and the sweater; one of the designs is something that I came up with all on my own, and it was a bear to learn, but I actually got into it eventually (but not enough to omit that pattern from the sleeves).

As for the plain sweater, I only have 9.5 inches completed yet, and I'm not sure what shape the sweater is going to take. Thus far the sweater is entirely black, using worsted weight Pattons Classic Merino yarn, and I'm not sure what's going to happen with the rest of the sweaters. I have a couple of options and I nominate you to decide. Time for reader feedback. I have some of this yarn in a red color as well, and I promise to do whatever you say. Here are the options:

1. Knit my "standard" sweater. That is a drop shouldered sweater with the contrasting color for sleeves, the collar and a bit around the plackets. Red in this case. I love these sweaters, and enjoy wearing them. I also want to make a version of this sweater with teal as the contrasting color, so maybe having 4 of these sweaters is a bit too much (the original, the gray one, this red one, and the eventual teal one). This is starting to become a standard spring semester event: tycho knits a plain sweater. So maybe I could do something adventurous. 2. I've wanted to knit an enteric sweater for quite a while, but I think that it might be better to do this in some sort of variegated yarn, and I'm thinking that this will be the sweater that I want to take to knitting camp as part of my camp knitting. I think the sweater would look better in variegated yarn, but I hesitate. 3. I've wanted to try one of the Elizabeth Zimmerman saddle shoulder sweaters at some point, and this might be a good time. I'm not sure how to break up the red and black in this design, so again, probably not the best option. 4. Something else that you want.

I guess you can see where I'm leaning, but I'd love to hear ideas.

And of course there is the pair of socks that I made this semester. It seems that I don't really have the patience to knit socks when I'm in school. I get too bored to quick. There's not much to say about them, they're plain, worsted weight, and grey. Lovely to wear in the cold winter air. I've also been carrying around a pair of sport weight Opal socks (but not working on them very much. I'm in the middle of the foot of the second sock, which is more or less where I was in the middle of January.) I think that I would really love to make stranded socks, but all of my attempts thus far have ended miserably. I'll try again with the 2ply shetland, which I will have leftovers of this sumer, and I have a few socks of yarn lying around. I really like worsted weight socks, and it's a shame that I keep thinking that after I finish a pair of them that I'll somehow begin liking to make sport weight socks, because it never happens, and I just spend forever making sport weight socks that I don't enjoy as much. sigh

Anyway, keep knitting you all. Maybe next week, I'll even have a plan for the knitting savant(s?) Oh and next week I'll be all graduated. eek

'till next time, tycho