First a poll. A somewhat low tech one, just leave a comment. If you read, say a science fiction book, where the name of the ships all had dutch names, but the characters all had english names what would you think?

Moving on...

I knit a square last night.

A friend is opening a yarn store in, less than two weeks (wow), and I've been drafted somewhat, consensually, into knitting swatches for the store. I must admit that where my mother has knit like 20 of them, I've knit... almost 2.

The thing is, mostly that I really really hate knitting squares. Once upon a time I disliked knitting things that weren't in the round, because I didn't like purling. Now, I don't knit things back and forth because I hate turning the work. It's not the movement of turning, it's the way that this action breaks the rhythm of knitting.

I called--and I suppose still do call--the knitting section of TealArt "the knitting savants" and I think this is completely appropriate, because while I know a thing or two about the craft, I'm really picky about the kind of work that I do, and only tend to knit vary specific things, and if I have to knit something that isn't one of these things for very long, I tend to get irritable and bored. So I'm thinking of naming the collection of essays and knitting writings that I've been casually working on for a while "the knitting savant," because I think it would be cool.

Later, assuming that life doesn't come crashing in I'll post pictures of my current knitting, though it's grown about 2 inches since I took the pictures. I finished the border of the sweater and it's been flying since then.

With the recent uptick in membership in ravelry, I've been getting a lot of feedback on my stuff from the site, so I'd like to thank you all. I've spent too long doing this whole blogging thing sort of in isolation, it feels good to have a community again. And I really love ravelry, it's great stuff and the community seems to really be "working." So huzzah!

I'll be in touch. I have a lot to ramble about, but I don't want this post to get too unfocused, so I'll see you all right here real soon!