Sorry that I'm low on creativity this morning.

I've submitted two applications today, to IvySchool and SouthernPrivateResearchSchool, and I'm prep-ed to fill out the forms for the third and final (FormerGloryNorthesternSchool). I'm going to pick up some USPS mailer things on my way to work in a few, and get things sent out tomorrow morning/afternoon. Everything is in order and all that's left is a bunch of busy work left to do. That's not unimportant, and it's a bunch of time, but I'm looking forward to returning to human status again. Quite Happy.

I'm going to be working in the shop again today, so if you're around, stop by. I'm going to be cutting a steek (ie, cut an armhole where previously there was none) on demand tonight, probably at about 6/6:15pm CST.

In the mean time, read this by Jared Axelrod, it looked cool when I clicked the link, but I haven't gotten around to reading it, but I hope to.

Have a great day!

Onward and Upward!