This used to be a knitting blog. No really, it did. Then I got a technology job, move east, and started singing and dancing constantly, and didn't really have a lot of spare time to knit. Compound this with the fact that I came of age as a knitter in Southern Wisconsin, and the heavy sweaters and thick socks that were essential there were pretty much unwearable in everywhere I've lived since.

Which isn't to say that I've stopped knitting, hardly, but I have slowed, and I've tended to choose particularly boring projects for their meditative quality rather than for their knitterly interest. Not that meditative knitting is a bad thing, but it means I'm less likely to be enthralled in a project in a serious way, which means they take longer. Such projects are probably also uninteresting for you all to read about. But I have been knitting and thinking about knitting things.

I gave away a bunch of yarn that I acquired during college and in my dark period after college. Yarn that I got because it was a good deal, yarn that I was given, yarn that I didn't have a plan to use, and yarn I didn't particularly want to knit. It felt really good, to pare down the stash to yarn that I really liked and yarn that I really wanted to knit, and I've never been a serious knitter when I've had a legitimate disposable income, so I've never really been in a position to say "I want to make a sweater, let me go buy the perfect yarn for it." Now I am, and it means I need to keep a lot less "rainy day yarn." Good feelings.

As for what I'm working on now? I have a cowl/scarf device mostly done in a ribbing that's my "current" project. I also have a sweater that just needs sleeves, and the collar hem sown down, and I'm stalled on a Alice Starmore-inspired Aran sweater (needs sleeves and some hem's) because I'm probably going to run out of yarn, and I don't really know how to precede properly (it's also going to be unwearably warm.) And some socks. I seem to almost always have a pair of socks in progress, but they're never interesting, and I don't wear many wool socks most of the time.

I'm not sure when I'm going to have more time, but I am hoping to clear some of the decks soon and finish some of the above lingering projects, and perhaps move on to more exciting knitting. With luck!