• Correspondence and status update is sent. Still no news. Better luck next week?
  • I finished the first sleeve of this g-d-forsaken sweater. I made sure to start the next one immediately. This is good. Notes on knitting:
  • I ordered more yarn, which is needed for finishing this sleeve.
  • I also ordered yarn, enough for a second sweater. Sigh. This yarn is more fine than my usual stardard, but it's really soft, and it has drape in a way that I'm totally ok with. I think that I'm going to host a knit a long with this yarn, and a sweater that I hope to design and work on this summer.
  • This means that I will have three sweaters worth of yarn more than I have sweaters, plus a bunch of left overs. I think this is a stash.

Greater numbers of shorter blog post seem to be the way to go. I've gotten the second part down, (this time), here' to working on the first part, I guess.

Back to the knitting.