I just wrote my last regular TealArt post, it'll go live in the morning. It's kind of weird, though I've already implemented the design changes. I'm generally pretty happy with how things are, but I'm not sure if the designs are "perfect" (the answer is that they're not, but I'll have to cope with that). Must stop tweaking.

Oh, and in other news, I finished the first half of the novella. The fifth chapter is a bit shorter than I thought, and the last "moment"/section feels like it needs a little bit of work, so we'll see if I really think it feels like it still needs more work when I'm a bit more fresh. But if I have any more fiction inspiration, I'm going to see if I can expand a bit on the plan for the sixth chapter. While the last chapter was a bit hard to write because of the perspective, this next one is going to be a bit harder because it's pretty much solid action, or what I think of as solid action.

There are other things that I should really be doing, but:

  • Vienna, the Open Source OS X News Reader has released a new version, and it definitely beats out the version of NetNewsWire that I was using. Now NNW has updated more recently, so the current version might be better than Veinna, but I'm enjoying it.
  • I was able to get the Edit in TextMate thing, to work. I haven't gotten the shortcut to default to "^E" (control-E), but I think that's only a restart away, assuming that all is well.
  • My knitting project doesn't hate me any more, much, I think, but it still requires a lot of attention. It's a bit more than an inch. I have about 5-6 more before it gets a little more manageable. That's a better number than 29 more until I'm done.

That's all for now.