I've gotten to a number of important place markers in my knitting these past few days. Just to make note of them:

  • I've gotten to the beginning of the heel flap of my first successful toe-up stranded sock. Its good, and I'm surprised that the shetland, is some how, not itchy on the foot at all. Magic, I tell you.
  • I've recently started the front-neck steek of the stranded sweater I've been working on for the past 6 weeks, or so. 13 rows until the large short row section start.
  • I've completed the gusset decreases on the second of a pair of plain worsted weight socks. This is going to be an awfully fetching pair.

At the same time I have not:

  • decided what kind of shaping I'm going to use on my next sweater, or even if it's going to be a cardigan or not. (I have picked out the patterns)
  • made any progress on the great sleeve slush pile.
  • bought any more yarn
  • started any additional socks.

I have developed a small list of things that I want to knit in the future:

  • hats, I need more/new hats, including both watch-clock and tam/barets
  • more sweaters and fewer socks.
  • cardigans, and I want to experiment with more yoke styles

And just for grins, a list of yarns to get in the future:

  • more harrisville shetland, with particular attention to blacks, grays, and blues.
  • more domy heather from old mill.