still no news about grad school.

the longer I "stay in play," the better, probably, though I am looking forward to this whole drama being over.

my dad said the other day, that "zebras don't need to run faster than lions to stay alive, they just need to run faster than other zebras,"

which is both funny, and true. at any point, I could be the slow zebra, but the chances are that there are slower zebras out there, and the longer I'm in play, the better.

and it's funny. funny is good.

my spinning wheel came today. but I went for a kind of brisk walk after being out and running around a lot today, and I'm just knackered. more news on this forthcoming.

also, I got a new nalgen bottle and a a french press type thing for making tea in it. I haven't quite mastered the insertion/removal thing with grace but some day I will have it. I also got a couple more varieties of black tea, including one with vanilla and thus I suspect to have enough tea to get me through the beginning of 2009, unless I get into graduate school, in which case, the end of october, max.

I think what you're witnessing is the live bloging of angst, and so I'm going to go and do something else entirely.

love, tycho