For all of you who cared, I think I've mostly gotten over whatever funk I've been in for the last little bit. But I suspect that those of you, who cared, noticed this fact by the four new entries in most recent 24-hour period (since 6pm yesterday). There may be more forth coming. Just hope that I don't burn myself out, and then go through a multi-week burn out period. Parish the thought.

So I suppose I had a few goals for the summer when I walked across the stage at graduation (well a few weeks before, but whatever). They were: to get a job and make money, to get a new computer, to start writing again, to start reading again, to spruce up TealArt, and to just hang out with friends more.

To review what I've accomplished: I didn't get a job, and I've made a little money, I got the new computer, I haven't really started writing, and I haven't finished a book since school let out (and thus much before that date,) I've done a lot of TealArt sprucing up, and I'm satisfied with that outcome, and I've hung out with friends a little, though perhaps not in the way I might have hoped (but that is completely in character for me, and I'm not too disappointed in that.)

Other than my preparation for college, and all that, my only real accomplishment is that I knitted a splendid shawl, and a couple of hats. Which is certainly not to be taken for granted, but as of right now I don't have any knitting projects to speak of save a few scarves, and I'm kind of lost in that respect. Shawl number two I cometh. But that's neither here nor there at the moment.

So I think, that I'm a bit disappointed with what I've done so far, but that's ok, like I said, I've spent a little while in a funk beating myself up for my lack of productivity, and I'm over that for now. I'm already looking through my bookshelf in search of a (very) limited library to bring with me to college, for my own mandated reading, and I'm doing what I can about the writing.

The world only spins forward, can't go back now.