While I've been working on this knitting book project, I've realized that I've developed something of a backlog of sweaters that I want to knit (for this project, and others,) and I thought I'd write them all down for our collective enjoyment.

  • A second version of the favorite sweater I knit during college: a plain sweater with a black body, gray at shoulders, drop shoulder, steeks, and gray sleeves. I want to do this out of fingering weight wool, probably HD Shetland. [in progress]
  • The same sweater as above, except with set in sleeves, and probably light blue as the contrasting color at the sleeve.
  • Sock yarn sweater, superwash, with v-neck, and some kind of textrued stitch pattern at the yoke that would be knitted without. I made one of these sweaters already, but it came out a touch smaller than I think I really want, and there are a collection of small modifications that I'd like to make, again for verification purposes.
  • A fully gray sweater, also out of HD Shetland, with the sleeves knit cuff-up, and with the yoke knit with "set-in sleeves," in the round. I knit a sweater like this in the fall, and I want to verify that a basic a set of changes would make the sweater really wearable.
  • I have the first 3-5 inches of a color work cardigan that I started before my hiatus from knitting: I think there are a number of flaws with this sweater: the sizing is off, I didn't handle the bottom hem correctly, and I don't think I have enough yarn in these specific collors, but I think I'd like to attempt the pattern again.
  • A color work sweater with set in sleeves. Because knitting rows (back and forth) in stranded is annoying and a bit fussy, most patterns use drop shoulder shaping, but I'd like to experiment and see if I can perfect the technique a more fitted style for these sweaters.
  • Using a "garter rib" stitch for the full body of a sweater, both because I like the idea of a gentle rib pulling in to provide more fit, while also being fun and keeping a fairly simple shape over the entire length of the sweater.

I think that's enough for now!