I've been knitting! Here's an update:

  • I finished a sweater. Still need to block it, but it looks great so far. It's a (near) duplicate of a sweater that I made a few years ago in blues. The biggest difference in construction is that I did the hem in a very slightly different way. Other than that, it's very much the exemplar of "the default tychoish sweater."

    Note to self, it would be good to have a version of this sweater in brown.

  • I started another sweater. This one is a medium gray and light blue-gray as a cardigan. Rather than do hems, the idea with this is:

    • purl when you can and want to border.

      This is an Elizabeth Zimmerman and Meg Swansen technique for colorwork to avoid ribbing or hems. If you purl occasionally in the first few inches, you can prevent rolling. Seems to work well enough, and it makes the bottom edge less bulky and more integrated into the sweater.

    • Crocheted front steek with knitted cord (i-cord) edge, using the steek as facing.

      Another Meg Swansen technique where you use the steek as facing, by crocheting along the edges and then knitting an i-cord to cause the steak to "fold" under and act as a facing. Blocking does the rest. Again, the end result is lightweight, flexible, and easy to handle.

    I have about five inches done, and I expect slow but steady progress on this over the next few months.