So I've spent a lot of my TealArt time talking about various geek things, which I think is good for some diversity, but I think a large portion of what TealArt has become in recent months is knitting and knitting related content, so I think it's only fair that I give a knitting update.

I finished a sweater last night, it was/is my remake of "Faroe" by Alice Starmore. There were a couple of minor pattern changes that I made in order to get the size perfect and then to get the sleeves to fit perfectly, and though I have to block it out, sew down the hem, and weave in some ends, this sweater is a victory in every sense.

As the weather has chilled, I began wearing my remake of my favorite sport sweater, and though the yarn is better, and the quality of the workmanship is way better, I must say that I still like the old version better. Which is fine, because I can still wear that sweater. Oh well. It's a bit two long and the sleeves aren't long enough (I think I'm going to re-block the sweater and see where that gets me. This is an odd problem, but I think part of my issue is that it's awkward to wear the sweater and have my ipod clipped to my belt. I'll need to work on this for the next version.

I need to order more sock needles, as both of my most commonly used sock needle sets have become unusable. I've been knitting a pair of "socks that rock" and I'm amazed with the quality of this yarn. I suspect that once my stash of sock yarns dwindles it is unlikely that I will ever knit with anything else again. (for socks). This stuff is amazing. I'd almost like to knit a sweater out of this yarn, except that it would cost about 120 bucks for the yarn.

I need to figure something out on this regard. I want to give at least some preliminary thought to what project I'm going to work on next, soon, because I don't want to get too far into this project without having a plan. I have the lace weight sweater, which I mostly need to order good size zero needles for, but I don't know how I feel about this. Expect to see some pondering on the subject in this space in the future.

Be well all, I'm off to class.

Cheers, sam