I put on a sweater that I designed a few years ago, and finally finished last year, with the Louet Merino (Gems/Opal) Sport Weight.

It's a great sweater to wear. It's warm, it's soft, it fits great. When I made it, I was expecting that the darker color would be prominent, I frankly don't know what I was on at all. I'm going to blame it on the fact that my roommate had gotten a puppy and I was taking 24 credit hours that semester. The fact that it fits so well is frankly amazing, given all that.

The center pattern is "rams horn," from a Meg Swansen book, the next pattern is a medallion pattern from the Traditional Fair Isle Knitting book, the next two patterns are from the Traditional Scandinavian Knitting book, and finally, the edge pattern is from the perrie pattern for Meg Swansen's Fair Isle cardigan. I still don't know exactly what I was thinking.

The store I'm working at carries this yarn, and I'm thinking that I might have to knit something with it. So much for all that talk about creative constraints, I think I'm going to be slipping.