Here's the running list of things I'm thinking about for tag lines. I've changed it to "tychoish, think as if you lived--" but this is only temporary, unless people like it.

I really like the comma in this one, really like the comma.

I'm even going to put them in the right font/size.

I hope you don't mind the visual oddity.

the life and times of tycho garen

the old one, for typographical comparison.

tychoish, think as if you live--

(with an explanation of the "early days of a better nation") -- in the /about/ page.

tychoish, the history of a future diaspora

a bit long, a bit too oblique, but franklin has shown that niche bloggers can have totally random blog titles drawn from the academic ethos, without causing much harm.

tycho garen on multiplexity

(minor reference to Empire Star, which I just finished reading.)

tychoish, a log of the future past

tychoish, a log of the present future

(variations on a common theme) I like using "log," though my gut wants it to say "history"

tychoish: from another time and place

(reference to a dave van ronk song that Judy played on the radio this morning).

tychoish, now without a net