I realized, I think, a bit too late in the process that my last post really was kind of the letter from the editor post for this week, even though I posted it last thursday.

An update: (actually there's not much, as I just wrote that other post a few hours ago, like I said, morris dancing all weekend, and I won't be done till later this afternoon by your reading.)

  • We've started to talk about a podcast option, I have some nifty ideas, and we'll see how that turns out.
  • I hope you enjoyed the intro to the Deleuze series (I know in fairness I think it should be Deleuze and Guatteri, but I think of it as just Deleuze. attack me later). I've only written a few of them, but I quite enjoy the concept space. There's a lot of material, and I find it really fun to write about.
  • The new TealArt plan: letter from the editor on monday, Station Keeping Tuesday, knitting/tychoBlathering on wednesday, ChrisTech Thursday, and Deleuze on Friday. It's rocking.

See you later in the week!

best, tycho