Hello friends!

I'm sorry I've been so bad about posting things lately! I even have backlogged pictures that are ready to post and backlogged fives lists that I haven't thrown up because it slips my mind.

I say, I better get into graduate school this time, if for no other reason that I don't think I could take applying again and retain sanity. But we'll see.

I have tomorrow off, from all obligations but I have to write about 7 very stressful academic pages (5 of which need to be perfect), and scores of emails and filling out forms, plus proofreading, possibly a phone call, some printing, revising my CV and making it look like a CV and not a resume again. Sigh.

We had a "cold snap," which was just cold enough for me to wear one of my comfy sweaters without being actually cold. I hope I can move north (or a little bit higher up, even) again next year so that I don't loose my cold tolerance.

I had a great exchange with a potential grad school advisor who I think is really swell. I'm not elated about the prospect of moving to WesternCity, but the depressing thing is that even though this prof isn't doing queer studies work, her research is theoretically very close to mine, closer than just about anyone else. That makes the decision sticky, but I don't want to put the carriage before the horse, and I'm just going to say, that I liked our email exchange.

Ok, enough blathering. I'm well. don't be mad if I'm a little spotty for the next couple of days.

Also, thanks to the purloined letter for the link and the kind words!

Once I have some time to my self, I am for sure going to get a little closer to doing some group knitting projects, I just have to live through the end of the year first. See you soon.

Onward and upward!