Really, that's all I can think to say. Last night, I went to see Serenity, the Joss Whedon movie that was made as a part of his late lamented Firefly TV series.


I've known that it was going be be heart wrenching for a while, one of my friends got to see it in a sneak preview in late May. But somehow, amazing actually, she didn't give me a spoiler. I totally would have broken.

I usually attach to characters, and am completely broken when characters I love die. When I watched it, I completely didn't react, it wasn't real. Until later, and then it was.

Despite the heartbreak, the movie was perfect, basically. I have a few complaints. Like, why there wasn't more Chinese spoken. (One premise, is that humanity was united by an anglo-sino alliance, so the characters pepper their speech with chinese phrases, much like I use yiddish.) Why did you have to do it Joss, why?

Other than that... amazing. I really think that it was a pretty damn perfect job with the movie. I don't know what more to say, so there.

Cheers, sam