So, yesterday at the mall, we stopped in the Tevana store. Because you know, I'm a tea drinker, and it seemed like the place to go.

It's a cool store, as these kinds of obnoxious commercially "oriental" things are. And I made a purchase, sort of on a whim, of tea things. I also made a few observations about myself and my caffeine habit.

The most important thing is that I'm not a terribly sophisticated tea drinker. I'm never going to keep a thermometer on my kettle so that I can make sure to steep the tea in water that's 195 degrees. I am never (on this blog or elsewhere) debate the various merits of drinking tea steeped at 195 or 175 degrees (F). I'm also never going to rinse tea leaves.

I also want dark hearty tea, and I'm not particularly interested in rich or interesting flavors, or a diverse tea selection to match my mood.

But I'd like to be able to make loose leaf tea. In part because of economy, in part because it's easier to make blends and control the strength of the tea.

So I got a little tea brewer thing from this sore, which is brilliance. In November we got an Aeropress, for the coffee drinker in the family, and it was brilliant. I sort of feel like this tea maker thing, is brilliant, only more my speed.

Anyway. End Geek. I have to work today, and we're having a friend over to spin this evening, which is pretty cool. But it means I have a lot of not tycho things to do, and that I'll be pretty sparse today. Other tycho news: I haven't seen the latest BSG or Torchwood, and I almost have a copy of the former. I have a Feminist SF post ready to go monday morning, and I just realized that in a week I have to teach a what amounts to a knitting design master class at the yarn store.

So I should get on that. I hope you have enjoyably productive days.

Onward and Upward!