I should preface this review by saying that I'm not a huge fan of Earl Grey tea. The flavoring can be overpowering, and it's hard to get the tea to brew strong enough, to compensate for the really powerful flavor. At the same time, as a class of teas, I think bergamot-flavor works better with tea than many others. Though I'm fond of vanilla flavored black teas, I will admit that they don't always work well.

So, having said that. English Tea No. 1, is bergamot-flavored but, the base is comparatively strong. So we end up with a rich, strong tea with what is really just a hint of bergamot. The tea also takes milk better than other Earl Grey-type teas, which I consider a plus.

This is a winner, without question.

It's also conveniently packaged (I was able to get foil wrapped bags) in a form that brews a good, large cup. In point of fact most of the remaining tea bags I have have found their way into my tea stash in my book bag, and are my choice "road tea." Though I suspect that I've even begun to horde them in my own way, which is high recommendation indeed.