I have got to come up with more interesting meta-post post titles.

Sorry for the design yo-yo-ing. I think there needs to be an editorial design summit for the TealArt editorial board. We're currently looking for corporate sponsors, and accepting t-shirt designs. In the mean time, hope the current status works out for everyone. I suspect our annual winter break redesign festival will happen once again this year.

Representing Identity has already started to start swinging in to gear, I've been working on eating through a huge bag of books. I hope everyone is aware that everything posted to that category that category, is work that is in progress and is meant mostly as a record for ourselves first and foremost. Secondly, it'll be an experiment in academic blogging: you get to see our thought processes, and we get to record them. No final work will be posted, and frankly I doubt most people will find it inthralling. That's just fine. This is also a good way of keeping records for ourselves. We may be keeping entries private (which you would have no way of knowing,) and there might be password-protected entries, which you will see, but won't be able to access the content of. While TealArt.com will have all posts as per normal representing identity will only have RepingID posts.

Just so you know.