Sorry Folks, I totally intended to post this earlier, but it languished in a forgotten folder. How ironic is that.

I think having some sort of archiving post to point to when I'm talking about the productivity, so here it is. End tying up is always a good thing. Best, ty

As promised I'm here with a post designed to sum up and provide a gateway to my series on personal productivity that I called "Rethinking GTD." I'd been reading the website 43folders for a while, and while I'd learned a lot of things from this website including a lot about the GTD system developed by David Allen, I've often felt that while GTD was the ideal system for a person with a particular sitatuion there were some of us, notably academics and writer-types, that the system really didn't work that well for. So I did some musing, that I'm sure you can all read or not. The links are below.

  • Part 1: Getting Other Things Done
  • Part 2: Rethinking GTD: My System
  • Part 3: Rethinking GTD: Production Times and "the Zone"
  • Part 4: Rethinking GTD: Review (and A Little Rant About Footnotes)
  • Part 5: Getting What Done? (An Explanation of “in the generous sense”)

Just because this is TealArt, and I have a hard time not being reflexive, I guess in retrospect, I realized that GTD has a lot to offer everyone, and while a different way of organizing lists, when contextual lists stop working is somtimes indicated, there's a lot of useful in there... My essays explore a number of key ideas, and I think are an imporantant note and study in thinking about all the factors which contribute to their personal productivity, and I think this level of reflexivity is probably useful if you're struggiling with this.

I hope you enjoy, or at least are mildy amused.

cheers, tycho