Good Monday Friends!

You know the week is a longer length of time than you might normally be given to think. On the one hand, I look back and say "gee, nothing much of import happened," and would therefore be prone to thinking that it was a short quick week, and on the other hand when I think about it, it was kind of a long week.

I had my first "real" bank holiday in many years: my old school never canceled classes on bank holidays, so I've grown out of the custom of having an extra day every few months, and I think that having Monday off contributed to the sense of length of the week. Additionally, this was my first week of real unemployment. I got some applications and emails out, and I got some extra writing done, and that's what's on the plan for this week. I'm confident that something will pull together coming up soon. In the mean time I'm writing a bunch (and having a blast!), getting things done, and it's good times.

You may have noticed that I've been blogging more regularly over at tychoish I've basically been posting about four times a day, and I really like the tone, and kind of content that's emerged. It's fun, and writing the posts really complements the way that I travel on through my day, and I'm really like the way it lets me catalogue a certain kind of process of research and thought. I do have to learn to tell the difference between tychoish posts, and tychoish posts that have turned into TealArt posts. You'll see one of those posts this week on TealArt, at least.

The other thing that doing this blog has taught me is an appreciation for writing in the moment. While I so rarely go back over my TealArt posts (what you couldn't tell? heh.) Its no secret that I like to keep a backlog. While there are benefits to this, namely it means that if I spend a day every couple of weeks writing TealArt entries, it means that every other moment of writing time that I have that week isn't spent writing for TealArt, and I think that's good in the long run. Having said that, there's something to be said for writing things in the moment, which is what the blog is all about.

The other thing that I'm going to have on the board for this week is some stuff about the Open Source Knitting project that I've been scheming about. I have a couple of more essays that I'm going to post on Tuesday and Thursday. If you're interested in thinking about this, I'm trying to spend some time on IRC, and I think the #textiles channel on servers would be a great place to start this kind of conversation, but once I get this foundation up and get a job, I'll be more ready to move forward with this project.

That's about all I have for you this week. Be well, be productive, enjoy, and stay tuned!

Cheers, tycho