So I'm back to trying to learn how to work with vim more seriously, and I think with a more seriously modified .vimrc file. Thank g-d for dotfiles. I did realize that I don't need to remap a key to escape system wide, as long as it works in vim at the right place, and it turns out (of course) that getting this to happen is a synch).

As this is a fairly geeky post, I'm going to put the bulk of it below the fold...

It's a long story but the short of it is: I don't have it down yet, and I think there are a number of things that I have yet to learn how to do properly that I can do with out any fuss in TextMate. Vim can do them, it's just a matter of teaching me how to do them. I've yet to get things like blog posting from within the editor (I've not yet braved installing the ruby script-able vim yet). There's still a bunch of things that TM does that I haven't figured out yet. Like the auto-paired characters (in TM, if you type a single quote (") it automatically puts the other one. This also works around selected text. There's got to be something in vim for this, I just haven't found it), and the hyperlink helper, would also be nice to duplicate.

Why am I doing this? Good question. Using vim feels more efficient. It's good to stretch the brain, and at some point I'll have it figured out. In addition to self betterment, I'm learning this because I have a new-to-me computer that I'm going to start using more consistently, and it's not a mac, so having something that's more cross platform appeals. Also, with the replacement of my previously dysfunctional "t" key, I've become more bonded to the ongoing maintenance of this computer. It's because I'm stubborn.

Chris, who knows me way too well, said that "switching to linux will be good for you, but you'll like it for a few months, and then hate it for a few, and after that you'll be golden." Depressingly, my mother, upon hearing this, concurred totally. Becoming comfortable in vim is the first step in this transition. And if I can make this jump, to my satisfaction, there's a lot of linux hardware out there thats way more interesting and affordable than equivalent mac hardware. Tablets, 12 inch laptops, computers without CD drives.

Though, this whole thing is clearly going through fits and starts, because I've broken down and gone back to TextMate. But eventually. I'll post a list of things to master at some point.

Anyway, enough for now.