So I don't in reality watch all that much television, but I do enjoy knitting and watching TV, particularly whilst sitting in front of the computer. So I'm compiling a list of shows that I enjoy to knit by. Don't expect anything ground breaking, sometimes predictable shows are good for knitting.

  1. Law and Order (All of 'em)
  2. Battlestar Galactica
  3. Shark
  4. Bones
  5. NCIS
  6. Stargate Atlantis
  7. Boston Legal
  8. House
  9. Criminal Minds
  10. How I Met Your Mother
  11. 30 Rock
  12. Jericho
  13. Numb3rs
  14. Eureka
  15. Dexter.

So mostly procedurals, a little bit of science fiction, with a dash of comedy and drama... Lets note that I don't watch all these shows every week, nor do I watch these shows with commercials, which makes it better.

Lets make this a meme, and I tag all of you! If you watch TV and knit, what shows do you watch. The only rule is that they all must currently be in production... Link or track-back your post in the comments.