Recent observations:

  • I was listening to one of the Tor Podcasts, with Patrick Nelson Hayden and he said a couple of interesting things:

  • Most science fiction magazines have readerships between 10 and 20k na month. The blog he runs with his wife and others, Making Light, which he described as a B-list blog, gets more than that.

  • He described the BoingBoing ad revenue as being something like 6-figures a month. Egad.

    This has gotten me thinking about my own traffic (which is no where near that good. No where. For the record.) This is particularly relevant as I'm thinking about the TealArt revision process. The questions that I've been milling over of late about what constitutes success, about audience development, and what constitutes quorum for "participatory culture" (ie, at what point is there enough momentum, for the force of the community to really be felt.)

  • My left index finger needs a break. Hardcore. I could probably sew up the hem on this sweater, but I'm laying off the knitting. My wrist doesn't hurt that much, which means I can type. I think this is my body's way of telling me that I need to reevaluate priorities and energies.

  • I'm still really fucking worried in general about my interview at the end of the week. And not the "oh my god, I have 8 hours of interview this friday," worry, more existential crap. Which makes me such an interesting blogger, I'm sure. I sure hope that there's sanity waiting for me at the end of this process.

  • This illness which has been on the downswing since Thursday night/friday, is almost totally beat now. This is good.

  • I spent some time last night perusing the John Barrowman videos on you tube. sigh I learned that he did a duet of "Night and Day" with Kevin Kline in the Cole Porter move, which I was finally able to it find on You Tube. Incredibly fun and homoerotic. This lead me down a rather deep rathole, but it was pretty enjoyable. While Night and Day is a fun song, most musicals are so not my thing. I fail as a queer guy in this regard. Not that this has proved to be a problem, but...

  • I officially check livejournal way more often than the people on my friends page update.

Ok, that's all the news that's fit to sing.

Onward and Upward!