So it's Thanksgiving today. (So good holiday to you all in blog land!) And in honor of the holiday, my post today will be brief, and I'll be taking the day off of Critical Futures as well.

I don't really have to say much about the holiday itself, as the big holiday's go, it's probably my favorite. Though I think I speak for many of my fellow non-Christians when I say, the one where the big bunny bringing children chicken eggs always makes me smile.

In any case, what I like most about the holiday is the long weekend. I don't care much for the food, in fact for a couple of years in college I made a point of getting Indian food for thanksgiving. Which was amazing.

I've always welcomed the holiday because it's a nice long weekend in what is often a trying part of the year. There aren't many holidays which provide a four day holiday, except for Christmas in some years. This is a shame, I think on the whole we work too much.

I've been mulling over this article about our work week and the relationships between productivity and standards of living, and how that tracks against the amount of time we spend at work.

I'll leave you with that thought, and enjoy your break!