So today is a writing day, because, I say so. Though given how closely the 10th of December is coming (and my first graduate application due date), I will admit and allow that I might not get to spend the whole day writing what I want to write.

This is something worth being thankful for, I think. In honor of this, I'll have good content up here that's writing related, today I think. There should be enough stuff running through my head to keep us both entertained.

I'm in the middle of writing a pretty quick scene that leads directly into the main story of the next chapter or so. My very modest goal is to finish this chapter and get a start on the second chapter. I'd also like to start on my statement for grad school: this is the hardest part, and I need to just suck it up and write it. Alas.

In terms of knitting, I think I'm basically to the cuff of one of the sleeves, and it's been under a week since I started it, so that means, likely in about a week, I'm going to have no (0) sleeves to knit. Amazing really.

I/we don't have thanksgiving plans, it's a nice long weekend but, my general response is pretty "meh" to the whole ordeal. The last two years R. and I, being the last people left on campus, went out for Indian food, which in retrospect sounds like a confused gesture of resistance but I assure it was just rather nice. This year, I think we're going to have fish.

Sounds pretty good to me. Just saying.