As regular readers of this website will recall, I've had a rather persistent computer problem for the past, oh, really long time. Seems it's done this thing where it just freezes. First we thought it was a RAM problem, because it just felt like a ram problem, and indeed it would freeze up on block memory moves.

At which point we said, "well it could either be a motherboard or a processor" and after some deliberation (and a diagnostic that pointed to problems with the Real Time Memory Clock), we decided to replace the motherboard.

In the mean time I'd developed a system that worked fairly well. If I didn't play music, and stuck to a fairly frill-free text editor, trillian, Internet Explorer, and Outlook, there wasn't a problem, most of the time.

And then, I got the new motherboard, because ultimately I wanted my computer to work properly, I mean that's not too much to ask, really. And it doesn't. It doesn't work with the old one either. So my computer is pretty much not useable. And I'm not particularly sure that putting a new processor in is going to fix the problem. It's also the only thing left that I can replace. So we have to hope.

In the mean time, since my half working computer more or less gave up the ghost, I've swapped it out for this older iMac that someone gave me to dispose of. It works perfectly almost, despite the fact that the resolution is jokingly low, and it's running a version of the operating system that's circa 1997. But it runs AIM, Entourage (like outlook only macish), and Word. Ah, finally a real word processor. Life is good.

Or I'll deal for a while.

What I am realizing is that, this whole Mac thing is really cool, and while I'd like a newer version (I'm working on it. Soon. All I can say is it will involve a swanky purple scarf) would be nice, the whole feel of this operating system is something I defiantly like. Now I just hope enough money can be gathered to get that powerbook, but we'll burn that bridge when we get to it. Lets just say, I'm not going to leave home with a PC.