Hey Folks!

Andy and I joked this morning that we were running out of the internet. It's true, I seem to be getting though it with some speed these days. I had been using an open source news (rss) reader for some weeks, because it was open source and because it handled feeds from live journal a little better than what I had been using. I switched back to a newer version of the program that I had been using, NetNewsWire, and I must say that it's way better. While it still won't do friends-locked live-journal feeds, I can somehow read things faster. I also did some culling of dead blogs, and things that I'm no longer reading. This means that I'm down to 83 feeds, from a high of about 500 when I moved from Wisconsin. This is progress, and at this point it means that I can budget some time to read more sci-fi and cool knitting related blogs.

I've been knitting a little bit here and there and I've made some significant progress on my Morocco sweater.

It's probably about three inches longer now. If you omit the large bottom border (ie, that entire picture,) I'm almost 1/7th or so of the way to the beginning of the saddle shoulders. Which is convoluted. While the resulting jacket will look much like Joyce Willams' (it's her design after all,) I'm going about it in a completely different way. Because I'm perverse like that. But it's a great deal of fun.

I'm going to go caffinate and see what comes of it. I think I need to give up on my old favorite color of fountain pen ink, so we'll call me mister blue hands. It's not drying fast enough, anymore, or maybe it never did, but maybe I'm using thinner, less absorbent papers.

See, when I say I'm scatter brained, I mean it.