As I draw to the end of the novella, I realize that I'm not quite ready for it to be over.

When I was finishing up Chapter #8, I had in my mind that I had two chapters left to write. While I wrote a couple of chapters in a very short period of time, for the most part 2 more meant that I had a couple more weeks to deal with the material.

My realization a few hours ago, that I really only had a smidgen more than a chapter's worth of material, has sort of put me into a bit of a scare. This project has been a guiding force for a long time, like sweaters can be, frankly, so knowing that I'm close to having to let go and move on is hard. To make matters worse, I'm not sure that I'm far enough along on the planning of the next novel to begin to write it. The upside to this point is that planning is one of those things that I'm pretty good at just doing without thinking much about it, unlike writing.

So knowing that, I'm going to go sit down with my pen and moleskin and see what comes out.