I kind of thought I would be updating the TealArt website at the moment. We're about a year overdue for the next version of Quarto, the content management system that runs all of TealArt. Amy and I haven't been terribly good at synchronizing our schedules, so she's off to Atlanta again this weekend. I'm thinking next Wednesday or so would be a good time to get it all done.

Once that gets done, I'm going to do the next phase of the site reorganization. This one includes rewriting the display of the main page. Before next Wednesday I'm going to try and clean up all of the "content" pages, which have been a little too static, even for static pages.

But as I'm sure you've all noticed, we've done the design. It's a simpler more "branded" type of design. The graphic was a collaborative effort between myself and the ever fabulous Indi. Ok so not really collaborative at all. Indi did this quick graphic for me because I liked the look his awesome new design. So, he made me a new graphic and I was really particular about it. Well it's how Chris and I work together. Not really.

I've set up a new category for Knitting related posts, which I've wanted to write about, but I've managed to hit the maximum amount of knitting related things I can take in for a while. We'll call it a fiber overdose. I'm pretty close to finishing this one shawl, so I did the only logical thing: I picked up a project I had put down for months and it was a bit too much for me. Maybe I'll be better in the morning after I write some.