I seem to be getting really efficent when it comes to reading all of my usual "reads," Like, I can get through my eighty feeds and my LJ friends page, and other internet checking in twenty minutes or so. I check both throughout the day, ususally, so it's not like thats the only time I spend on the interent (ha!) but it means that I don't have as much time to get the brain rolling in the morning as I used to.

A couple of points. While I'm sticking with Mars Edit, for this post too, I'm not quite sure that I'm ready to jump ship back from my TextMate blogging bundle and subversion bundle that I've been using for many months now. I really like keeping the subversion archive as it works with all of my other work/backup etc. At the same time, it's totally overkill and it's not like, in the last six months, I've ever really gone in and done anything with the backups that I'm keeping in subversion, and it would make my checkout quicker if I didn't have so many blogging files.

But as I was thinking about this I discovered soemthing interesting that I want to share with you: since I've been writing my entries this way, I've amassed nearly two megabytes of text files containing blog entries. And I should point out that I'm closing in on four hundred thousand words blogged in the last two years.

Good g-d folks. That's absurd.

Speaking of absurdity, I have today off, so there will be knitting and there will be writing about it. And other things too.

Onward and Upward!