In the first class meeting of my first class today, I was charged with the task of introducing myself (name/class/major(s)) and the answer to the following question: "If you could be any animal, what would it be and why."

I was fretting my turn, because I wanted to say something weird, but I was feeling incredibly uninspired at 9:00 am. It came my turn and I just said "cat."

But there was an expectation of an explanation. Oh crap.

"Because they're cranky." I said, followed by a short but awkward pause. Everyone laughed nervously.

"I mean they're fuzzy and cute, but they have edge. Lots of edge, I like edge. Cute's good too," I amended. There was a bit of a chuckle around and by now my turn was over and I moved on.

I love having cats. Minaloush is incredibly cute, but also edgy as hell. She likes to sleep with me, but she also is very particular about how this occurs and where next to me she sleeps. It's crucial that one sleeps under substantial blankets when sleeping with the 'loushis because if she decides that you've wronged her by rolling over, your leg could become forfeit.

The other thing is there's this place in the middle of her back that if you scratch a lot, she does this "chin lift" and her eyes close and she smiles, and it's potentially the most adorable thing in the history of the world.

That is all. More 'loushisness in the future.