Well I've finished a couple of knitting projects recently. I finished the second beanie (as per my pattern,) and I've made another scarf. I have two Lion Brand Jiffy Scarves, that are fairly nice, but nothing to get excited about. The new scarf is some white/ivory Lion Brand "Homespun" that I got for a quarter at a rummage sale. I used about half a skein on a modestly lengthed scarf. I use the Magic Scarf method. Cast 50 Stitches on a 10.5 16-inch needle. I use the backward loop method (as tightly as possible). Knit till it's at least half the length of the desired scarf, then I cast off as directed, and that's basically it. I'll spare you all the pithy directions, because this isn't exactly intended to be a pattern post.

Another rummage sale find, was this perfectly hideous "sweater." It was this sleeveless Charlie Brown number, made out of long strips of leather. Yes. Cowhide, leather. I riped most of it (except for the white and fuscia bits) saved a bunch of it, and I'm currently the more naturally leather colored "yarn" carried together with the rest of the homespun.

Not that I need any more scarves mind you, but given that my net investment in most of these products is like fifty cents for all of them, and I've enjoyed the making I'm thinking that I might as well make a few extra bucks by selling them. Also, hand knit scarves are totally the rage these days, so I'm also looking for places to sell my wares. I've found a craft store that clearly takes a commission that's way way way to high. But then maybe it'd be worth it, if I could make 50 bucks (or a bit more) for a 4-5 scarves, especially ones that I do for fun whilst reading or something, it'd be worth it. The problem is, of course, finding yarn at these prices, and the truth is, that I'd like to be able to get some slightly nicer yarn.

While I'm kind of enjoying making a few smaller projects, I think I'd really like to work on something bigger. I have an unfinished felted vest that I've started to work on again, the only problem is it's 100% wool. All the lanolin is still in the yarn, so it's REALLY hot to sit under. I guess I'll have to put that one off for a little while longer. I was really hoping to be able to finish this before I went away so I could stitch up the steaks before I went away to school, but I don't think that'll happen. My most recent yarn purchase is of the same stuff, so I think that's going to get put off until I'm in cooler climes.

This leaves me in the uncomfortable middle ground between projects. I don't have anything to start, really, and all of the things I'm working on aren't suitable. I have a few shawls that I could start, but again I've made two shawls recently, and I'm not keen on starting a new one. So I'm in this weird in between place. There's also a pair of socks that I want to make, and I could make another hat or two or three if I wanted, but I've made two hats recently, and I want to try something else. I'm due for another sweater, but the only yarn I have in enough quantity is fingering/sport-mercerized cotton. Not suitable.

So that's where I am. In other news, Chris is having computer problems from hell, I'm moving away in less than three weeks, and I'm basically on vacation. No more class, no parent's (for six days), and not that much to do. Sweeet.