Hello! It's good to be aback on a normal week schedule. I hope that the last few weeks haven't been as hectic for you as they have been for me.

I was in Wisconsin last weekend (again [1]), and it was delightful, but I had to drive 500 miles back home Monday afternoon, and that took a lot out of me. I was reeling from exaustion all and being behind all week. I didn't get to blog as much as I might have liked. I didn't get to knit as much. It was kind of crazy.

But, I'm back now, and let me tell you that I have a great week for you on TealArt. There will be a new `Station Keeping <http://tychoish.com/hanm>`_ this week. This weeks installment will be written by Jo Goodman, and I'm really looking forward to being able to share this with you. I hope that episodes not penned by me will become more common place in the near future, but congrats to Jo on writing a truly wonderful episode.

I also am proud to announce a geekywonderful occastional series on TealArt. This one is drama, and I'm calling it "Better Living through Regular Expressions." It'll be great, and anyone with good regexp puns should feel free to contact me with them.

Chris is starting a new job at the end of the week, and we've both been working a lot of late, so our geek content might be a little crunched this week, but we'll see about that. "Thursday's are for Geek" at TealArt is not in danger, fear not.

Will there be Deleuze this friday? I hope so. I'll read something academic-y at any rate, so we'll see. I have a pile of books calling to me.

In any case, I will be blogging throughout the week in my usual haphazard style at http://tychoish.com, and I look forward to spending a few moments with you this week [2].

Read on in good health!


[1]This time for a knitting camp, so it wasn't a trip back to CollegeTown, but still, I do seem to be going up there a fair bit. I think it's over for now, though
[2]I'm also working on a number of other projects this week that won't be ready for prime time immediately, so I hope that you'll be able to enjoy them in the coming weeks.