Over the past several months, I've made a directed effort to rethink which software packages I use on a daily basis and look for the most efficient programs for particular tasks. Efficient both in terms of usability, and computer resources one thing I've found is that in many, though not all, of these ultimate programs are open source.

At the moment, the only proprietary programs I'm using (other than the OS itself,) are: xtorrent, pukka, MarsEdit, TextMate, and NetNewsWire; and I have to admit that NetNewsWire might be on it's way out (bad livejournal support, and the interface is too big.) Also if xTorrent freezes again, I may scream ahhhhh!!!!!

Anyway, just everything else is Open Source, and I'm really happy with all these programs. I'm not fanatical or total about this move, and I think it's good that I'm walking slowly in this direction.