I've had a pretty good weekend I think. There's a knitting group this afternoon, and I now have the missing needle that I've needed for a while to continue with my knitting progress on a sweater that I put aside a few weeks ago. THe new sweater might need an afterthought hem but that can happen later of course. Also, on the schedule for today is a trip out to get a tea pot. How cool is that?

Other newsbits:

  • I've completed a series of tealart posts that I'm going to start airing this week or maybe next week. It outlines a cool project that I might be able to start later this year or early next year, depending on what energy I get behind it. Knitting related. I've had a lot of fun
  • I finished chapter two of the novella. I have a good outline for chapter 3. Chapter 2's pacing is a bit slower than I intended, and I was worried that I didn't get enough story done in it, despite the fact that it was jammed full of stuff that needed to be there. Then I did the outline for chapter 3, and it came out perfect. I'm still on track. It's still early, of course, but this writing experience has felt very much like everything is "clicking into place." That's a good thing.
  • I culled a lot of my RSS reading, to 121 feeds. At the beginning of the summer I had nearly 500 feeds (many of them had stopped updating, stiil) every time I would hit refresh (per week) I would get ~1200 new items. I got down to about 250. Which meant that I refreshed a couple of times a week, but still had about 400 items to read each time, even if I was pretty regular about it. This new low, cuts out a lot of the things that I wasn't actively reading, but wanted to "keep an eye on." It's hard to be a digital pack rat sometimes. It's my hope that with fewer things to read, I'll be able to think of the internet reading that I do as participation in a community, rather than the mass absorption of information. It might also mean that I could start to experiment with other news-reading software, that I've wanted to try out, but haven't had the freedom to really use in a long time.) Vienna, google reader, etc.

This progress also means that I have some more/new tasks to complete, in addition to all the things that are lingering around:

  • While I have almost two weeks worth of TealArt posts prepped and ready to go, I don't have two consecutive weeks of posts ready, so I need to write a few different kinds of posts for this week, to make everything jive right.
  • I need to get a start on chapter three of the novella, so that I have something easy to pick up on next week. having at least 500 words and possibly more, would be great, because I'm not going to get much fiction-writing time this week or next.
  • Do school stuff.

That's all for now. We'll be in touch of course.