Last night I finished my very last paper as an undergraduate, and in a week I will, baring natural disaster be the proud recipient of a double major B.A. These last two papers weren't the most inspiring bits of prose that I've ever written, but one of them begins to outline the project that I want to pursue in graduate school, so it was a very useful exercise. I am excited to be done and quite looking forward to the next stage. This morning, for the first time in far too long, I slept past 8:40 without waking. I rolled over at 9:30 realized I had nothing particularly important to do, and slept for another half-an-hour. It was glorious.

After no small amount of sloth, though, I posted the following to twitter:

This is the first day of the rest of my life, literally. guess I need to write something. heh

And that's what I'm doing today. By now, I've completely run out of stashed TealArt entries for your pleasure. I wrote a huge mess of these entries, and even more outlines during my spring break, and though I continued to write during the semester, having a stash was incredibly helpful for making sure that I could fit in writing for fun whilst I was working on school projects. I generally have enough time to write for TealArt, it's just always hard to predict when in the week I'm going to have that time, and having some padding was helpful. Unfortunately, the end of the semester was too much for the system and here I am without anything in the pile. So you get blathering instead.

You might have guessed that I'm something of an obsessive with regards to my file/digital organization. I moved all of my working files into the "archive" folder this morning, and I have to say that this felt incredibly satisfying. It means that I have more visual space (it's weird, don't ask) to concentrate on other projects this summer. In addition to finding employment this summer, and writing Station Keeping, the new series, and knitting a bit, I want to do some academic reading and writing as part of gearing up for a new application cycle to grad schools. It'll be a busy summer, and it will also be the longest period of time that I've ever spent in my home town since I left, so that will be good.

In Station Keeping news--because although its late, it's still Monday--there isn't much to report. I'm going to use this week to write/draft a bunch of things including, hopefully, some SK material. We're getting closer and closer to when I was hoping to start to get this thing off the ground. I'm not quite sure how this is going to work, but I think that it probably will. I also have to make up some new characters, or at least insert space for a few new characters so that other folks can do that.

Tomorrow I'll have a review of the things that I've knitted this summer, which is getting to be an end of the semester tradition.

Best, tycho